Mrs. Hayes Chevy Ad Pulls At The Heartstrings: Video

Jonathan Lopez Nov 24 2022


The holidays are here, making it a great time to get together with the family and give back to your community. Now, Chevy is aiming to capture that spirit with the following brief video ad.

Titled “Mrs. Hayes,” the new Chevy ad is only a minute long, but manages to tell a heartfelt story all the same. The ad opens with a parking lot, where we see a woman walking back to a beautiful Chevy Nomad with an armful of bags, presumably filled with some holiday shopping. The woman turns the ignition, but the Nomad won’t start.



“Come on, old beauty,” the woman whispers.

As the woman looks into the rearview mirror, we’re transported back into the past, where we see her in the passenger seat as she looks over at a man dressed in a military uniform, presumably her husband.

“Are you ready?” the man asks.

“Ok,” the woman replies, tears in her eyes.



The video jumps forward, where we see a cardboard box with a folded flag and a picture of Mr. Hayes, suggesting he was killed in action. The video continues forward, where we see Mrs. Hayes washing the Nomad, only to have one of the neighborhood kids, Billy, accidentally hit a fender with a baseball. Rather than get angry, Mrs. Hayes shows Billy warmth, gifting him a baseball glove.

The video continues with Mrs. Hayes showing Billy how to change the air filter on the Chevy, then jumps ahead again with several other major life moments, including the delivery of a new baby, eventually landing us back in the parking lot. Suddenly, we see Billy, now an adult, pull up in a new Chevy Blazer EV to help Mrs. Hayes with her bags.



Fast forward again, and it’s Christmas time, with Billy and his family arriving at Mrs. Hayes’ front door.

“Merry Christmas, Mrs. Hayes,” Billy says.

It’s a touching video, and will definitely pull on the old heartstrings. Check it out below:




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