Ford Blue Expected To Grow, Woo Buyers Despite EV Pivot

Brett Foote Sep 16 2022


Ford is in the process of splitting itself into two distinct entities – Ford Blue for ICE vehicles, and Ford Model e for EVs. This monumental shift is being made for a number of reasons, including a refocus on quality, as well as customer experience, enhancing the post-purchase experience, and of course, helping the automaker cut costs and generate more profit. However, even as Ford continues to invest heavily in EVs, Ford Blue is still expected to continue to grow and attract new customers.



As part of The Blue Oval’s recently revealed plans for its dealer network, the automaker noted that Ford Blue aims to continue to attract new customers from other brands, focus on existing Icons,” create differentiated brand experiences, and deliver great quality. We’ve already seen some signs of these changes, particularly, with the introduction of a new Bronco Off-Roadeo experience for the Ford Bronco Raptor, while FoMoCo also recently hired former J.D. Power Vice President Josh Halliburton as its new executive director of quality.

Regardless, this is an interesting approach given the fact that most automakers have set deadlines to phase out ICE vehicles, including Ford – at least in Europe. CEO Jim Farley also recently noted that the transition from ICE to EVs is occurring faster than expected, while Ford’s EV sales are outpacing the rest of the segment and conquesting customers from other brands at a rapid rate.



For now, The Blue Oval’s Icons consist of the Ford F-150, Ford Mustang, Ford Bronco, Ford Explorer, Ford Transit, and Ford Ranger, as well as more recent additions such as the Ford Puma and Ford Maverick. Farley previously noted that the automaker will focus on electrifying these models – as well as its commercial vehicles – but this news – as well as the 2024 Ford Mustang that just debuted this week with no electrified model – proves that FoMoCo isn’t done growing its ICE business yet.



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