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Ford Performance is bringing an electric crate motor to SEMA

Joel Stocksdale Aug 19 2021


The Chevy eCrate Connect and Cruise will have some competition


As new electric cars become more common, so do ways to electrify older cars. One of the big entrants into the aftermarket electric motor game is GM with its eCrate Connect and Cruise kit. Now Ford Performance is joining the fray, as it announced it will show its own crate motor at SEMA this year.

The announcement came on Twitter, and not many details were given. It will be called Eluminator, a play on the Aluminator name for some of its aluminum V8 crate engines. The diagrams also show what the motor will look like, and the whole thing seems to measure 22.4 inches long.

That leaves many questions. How much power and torque? What kind of battery and management options will there be? How much will it cost? Will it bolt up to commonly available transmissions? All of this should be answered soon, since SEMA is set to happen at the beginning of November, and Ford says the Eluminator motor will be available this fall. We're excited to learn more.


SOURCE: autoblog 


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