The Golden Sahara II is found!

RK Motors Mar 15 2018

You’ve probably all read the news by now the Golden Sahara II has been unearthed after 50 years in hiding. There just aren’t that many high-profile original Barris custom cars from this era (and still intact) popping up anymore- It’s pretty big news. The Sahara II was an especially high profile car too, with innovative features like remote control driving, automatic braking, and a rumored build cost of $75,000 in the late 50s! The original owner Jim Skonzakes, better known as Jim Street, passed away in December of last year and now this special vehicle, along with the Kookie car will be sold at a Mecum auction at Indy in May. The auction house just sent out updated photos and a lengthy description on Wednesday morning, so I thought they were worth sharing:

SOURCE: The Jalopy Journal

AUTHOR: Jive-Bomber

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