The Official Route of Hot Rod Power Tour 2018 [Download + Google Maps]

RK Motors Jun 11 2018

We’re finally on the road — and to help y’all plan the year’s biggest road trip, we’re releasing the routes early so that you can plan ahead and pick out cool museums, shady lunch spots, and other shenanigans on the road. Power Tour is a mecca for car folk from all over the world as we take over the highways and by-ways of the South East this year, running from Tennessee to all the way down in Georgia before making our way back up to North Carolina.






8:30 AM DEPARTURE – Directions begin at Chatt State CC Main entrance and TN-319. Head East on TN-319 S.


1.4mi Use the right 2 lanes to take the ramp onto TN-153 S
1.6mi Merge onto TN-153 S
6.5mi Use the right 2 lanes to take the I-75 S
7.1mi Merge onto I-75 S
9.2mi Keep left on I-75 S, signs for Atlanta
12mi Take exit 353 for GA-146 toward Rossville/Ft.
  exit toward Atlanta/Chattanooga
12.2mi Turn right on GA-146 W/Cloud Springs
16.6mi Turn left onto Lafayette Rd at Autozone
21.8mi Turn left onto US-27 S/Frank Gleason Pkwy/Lafayette Rd at Capital Bank
33.2mi Turn left on Lyle Jones Pkwy at Chevy Dealer
36.3mi Continue straight on US-27 S/S Main St
52.5mi Turn left on Rome Blvd at Subway in Summerville, GA
52.6mi Turn right on GA-100 S/ GA-114 W at CVS
65.4mi Continue straight on AL-68 W (entering AL)
77mi Turn right onto AL-68 W/AL-9 S at Weiss Mart Marina (T-Junction)
82.3mi Turn left on Armory Rd at Cherokee Plaza (Signs for AL-9 S)
82.8mi Continue on AL-9 S
99.4mi Turn right on US-278 W at Autozone in Piedmont
120.8mi Turn right on E Meighan Blvd
122.3mi Turn right onto US-411 S Ramp
123.1mi Turn right onto US-411 S/N Albert Rains Blvd
124.2mi Slight left to continue onto US-411 S/Rainbow Dr
144.3mi Turn Left on US-231 S/US-411 S/5th at Courthouse in Asheville
148.4mi Turn right on US-411 S at Dollar General
171.5mi Continue straight on Ashville Rd SE/Elliot Ln
171.6mi Turn right on Montevallo Rd SE at St Teresa Church
175.2mi Continue straight on Hwy 119 S/Cahaba Valley Rd/Eastern Valley Rd
182.6mi Turn right onto Brook Highland Pkwy at Church
184.3mi Turn right US-280 W at light
187.4mi Turn left onto I-459 S toward Montgomery/Tuscaloosa
196.5mi Take exit 10 toward Hoover
196.7mi Merge left on John Hawkins Pkwy
197mi Turn right on Stadium Trace Pkwy
200mi Arrive at Hoover Metropolitan Stadium




Google Maps:

1.8mi Use the right lane to merge on I-459 towards Montgomery/Birmingham
10.9mi Take exit 19 for US 280 toward Mountain Brook/Childersburg
11mi Turn right on US-280 E (signs for Childersburg)
19.6mi Turn left onto Bear Creek Rd
31.8mi Continue onto CO Rd 55
33.3mi Continue onto Wolf Creek Rd
43.4mi Turn left onto US-78/Cogswell Ave at Cleaners
44.6mi Turn right to merge onto I-20 E toward Atlanta
79.7mi Take exit 191 for US-431 toward US-78
79.9mi Turn right onto US-431 S
106.7mi Turn left onto AL-48 E/Woodland Ave NE quick turn after
  Dollar General on left, signs for AL-48 E
125.3mi Continue onto GA-5 N (Entering Georgia)
126.2mi Turn right to stay on GA-5 N at Bucktown Grocery
136mi At the traffic circle, continue straight onto GA-5
150.0mi Turn right onto US-27 ALT S/Main St at Stop n Shop
158.4mi Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto State Rte 34 bypass/Millard Farmer Ind Blvd
162.5mi Use the left 3 lanes to turn left onto GA-34 E/Bullsboro Dr at Walgreens
171.8mi Continue onto GA-54 N
185.1mi Slight right onto McDonough Rd at Shell
187.5mi Turn left onto Tara Rd
190.4mi Turn right onto Tara Blvd at 3 way stop
191.8mi Head south on Tara Blvd toward Walden Landing
193.5mi Continue onto US-19S/US-41 S/Bear Creek Blvd
196.5mi Slight right onto Tara Pl
196.6mi Turn right onto Tara Pl
196.9mi Turn left onto Turnipseed Rd
197mi Turn right onto Tara Pl
197.3mi Arrive at Atlanta Motor Speedway



Google Maps:


7:30 AM Departure – Directions on GA-49 at Speedway Blvd. Head south on GA-49.


2mi Turn right on Lower Woolsey Rd
2.5mi Turn right on GA-20 E
5.1mi Turn right onto Hampton Locust Grove Rd
10.3mi Continue onto Bill Gardner Pkwy
14.3mi Turn right onto US-23 S at Locust Grove Municipal Complex
21.8mi Turn left onto Old Bethel Rd at Storage Units
24.1mi Continue onto 4-Points Rd
27mi Turn left onto Start Rd/Strickland Rd look for JPC Insurance Sign
32.2mi Turn left on GA-16 E at T-Junction
41.9mi Stay straight on E Washington through town square
59.4mi Turn right onto S Jefferson Ave at Signs for 441/129 S
69.5mi Turn left at the 1st cross street onto GA-16 E/GA-44 E/Sumter St
60.7mi Keep right to continue on GA-16 E by Putman County Middle School
85.2mi Slight Right on GA-15 S/GA-22 W/ GA-16 E
85.9mi Turn left on Broad St
108.8mi Turn right onto Jones Cir/Legion Dr signs for 20 E
110.9mi Continue onto GA-80 N at Piggly Wiggly
116.9mi Turn right to merge onto I-20 E
175.5mi Continue straight to stay on I-20 E
283.3mi Take exit 131 for US-401 toward SC-403/Timmonsville/Darlington
283.5mi Turn left onto US-401 N towards Darlington
286.8mi Turn left on S Center Rd
291.mi Turn right on SC-151 S/SC-34 E
295.5mi Arrive at Darlington Raceway




Google Maps:


8:00 AM Departure – Directions begin at US-401 N at SC-34. Head north on US-401 N.


16.1mi Slight left on US-52 N at Carolina Bank
30.5mi Turn left on US-52 N at Vintage Market
52mi Turn right E Caswell St/US-74 E at Bojangles
63.5mi Take exit 306 towards US-74 BUS ramp to Rockingham
64.2mi Continue on US-74 BUS E
69.2mi Turn left on S Hancock St at Corner Cupboard
69.3mi Turn right on E Franklin St (signs for US-1 North)
69.4mi Use the left lane to turn left on Fayetteville Rd (Signs for US-1 North)
69.5mi Turn right on US-1 N/Fayetteville Rd (signs for US-1 North)
92.4mi Turn left on W Baltimore Ave at Shell (slightly hidden turn)
93.1mi Turn right on Ridgecrest St – look for water tower after turn
93.6mi Continue on Sand Pit Rd at Pure station
95.6mi Turn left on NC-5 N at T-junction
100mi Turn Right on Yadkin Rd at Wells Fargo
100.4mi Turn left on Mocksville Rd
101.8mi Turn right on Juniper Lake Rd
103.6mi Turn left on US-15 N/US-501 N at T-Junction
122.7mi Turn left to continue on US-1 N/US-15 N/US-501 N at AllState
125.2mi Turn right on NC-78 E/Tramway Rd at CVS Pharmacy
129.8mi Turn right on US-421 BUS/S Horner Blvd at McDonald’s
130.9mi Turn left to stay on US-421 BUS
131.5mi Continue Straight on US-421 S
149.2mi Turn left on S Main St at Pricemart in Lillington, NC
150.8mi Turn left onto US-401 N/W Cornelius Harnett Blvd
160.3mi Turn left on Piney-Grove Rawls Rd (look for turn lane after white house)
161.5mi Continue straight on Piney-Grove-Wilnon Rd
167.5mi Continue on S Main St
168mi Turn left on NC-55 Bypass W
172.4mi Continue on NC-55 W
175.1mi Turn Right on S Salem St at Marathon Gas
176.8mi Turn Right on N Salem street (pass under the overpass, then turn)
178.3mi Continue straight on Old Apex Rd
179.8mi Turn right on W Chatham St at Abbey Road Tavern
181.3mi Take the 1st exit from the traffic circle to stay on W Chatham St
181.7mi Turn left on Harrison Ave at Fidelity Bank
182mi Turn right on Chapel Hill Rd at BP
183.9mi Turn left on Trinity Rd at Stones Education
184.4mi Turn right to stay on Trinity Road
186.1mi Turn left on Edwards Mill Rd
186.4mi Arrive at PNC Arena



Google Maps:


8:00 AM Departure – Directions begin on I-440 W at Western Blvd.  Head West on I-440 W.


1.8mi Keep left to Continue on US-1 S
5.9mi Take exit 98B for US 64 W toward Pittsboro/Asheboro
6.3mi Continue on US-64 W
25mi Take exit 386 for US-64 BUS, signs for Pittsboro
28.4mi Take the 2nd exit at traffic circle to stay on US-64 BUS W
29mi Turn right on NC-87 N at Al’s diner
29.2mi Take the 3rd exit at traffic circle to continue on NC-87 N
43.9mi Turn left on E Greensboro Chapel Hill Rd at Davis Grill
52.1mi Turn right on W Greensboro Chapel Hill Rd (Sign for Liberty)
55.7mi Turn left on NC-49 S at Beaver Pond Sporting Club
56mi Turn right on Timber Ridge Lake Rd
58.5mi Continue straight on Richmond Church Rd
61.5mi Turn right on Old 421 Rd
63.4mi Continue straight on Greensboro St
63.7mi Continue straight on Old 421 Rd
65mi Continue straight on Liberty Rd
65.8mi Turn left on NC-62 (sign for High Point)
72.5mi Turn left on Branson Mill Rd
75.1mi LUNCH STOP – Petty’s Garage –311 Branson Mill Rd
75.1mi Turn right on Branson Mill Rd
75.5mi Continue Straight on US-220 BUS N
76.4mi Turn left on the I-73 E rampe (signs for 220 S/I-73 E)
76.7mi Merge onto I-73 E
90mi Take exit 72 B toward US-64 W/ NC-49 S towards Lexington/Charlotte
90.2mi Turn right on Albemarle Rd (signs for NC-49 S/US-64 W towards Lexington/Charlotte)
90.4mi Merge onto US-64 W via the ramp towards Lexington
117.4mi Take the US-64 W ramp towards Mocksville
117.5mi Continue onto US-64 W/Mocksville Rd
128mi Turn left on NC-801 S at Shell
144.3mi Turn right on US-70 W
145.8mi Turn left on NC-801 S
160.2mi Turn right on N Main St LANDMARK
160.8mi Turn left on E Iredell Ave/NC-3 S
168.9mi Turn right on Odell School Rd
171.4mi Turn right to stay on Odell School Rd
172.8mi Turn left on NC-73 E at Marathon
175.5mi Turn right on Kannapolis Pkwy at State Farm
176.8mi Continue straight on George W Liles Pkwy
179.6mi Merge right onto Concord Pkwy S towards NC-29 S
181mi Turn right on Bruton Smith Blvd
181.2mi Arrive zMAx Dragway



AUTHORS: Hot Rod Staff

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