Charlotte Cruise4Kids Brings The Car Show To The People

RK Motors Mar 31 2020

There’s no doubt the world is going through difficult times right now. During times like these, it’s as important as ever to come together as a community. As car enthusiasts, we know this sense of community better than most. Despite the current turn of events and mandatory social distancing, car communities around the country are still finding ways to support each other and be present for their communities at large.

That sense of community is what lead Kevin Arndt of Waxhaw, NC to host “Cruise4Kids”. Like many auto enthusiasts, Kevin uses Facebook to connect with other likeminded gearheads. It became abundantly clear that his group, Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers, would be unable to gather in the parking lot of a local shopping center and do their usual mingling and admiring. So, Kevin thought they could instead bring the car show to the people.

Kevin, a native of New York and a Veteran of the war in Iraq, remembered the United States he saw after the trials of 9-11. He remembered how bad times brought communities together. “I have missed the comradery, seeing people from all different backgrounds come together…. I was wondering, how do I make the best of a bad situation like that was?”

So, on Saturday, March 28th, 2020, Kevin’s black 1957 F100 lead over 100 of the Waxhaw Coffee Cruisers straight through the center of town and down all the adjacent neighborhood streets. Cars, trucks and motorcycles thundered through the community while onlookers gathered on lawns and porches for a moving show.

Kevin even looped in a famous family friend, NASCAR star Joey Logano, so they could use this unique opportunity to raise money for the Joey Logano Foundation: a group that Logano created to help children and young adults during times of crisis. 

“What I do have is a love for cars and a love for kids,” said Kevin, a father of two himself, “at the end of the day I want to help kids… I wanted something that would have an immediate impact on the area and the foundation”

And what an impact they had! The town's local Facebook page ‘What’s up Waxhaw’ was inundated with photos of community families gathered to watch unique and cool cars pass. Some folks even said it was their children’s first parade. 

That’s the true beauty of car communities. People coming together to celebrate what they love and bring joy to their friends and family. 

During these trying and literally distancing times, it's increasingly important to look to our communities and find ways to come together and care for our neighbors. 

Kevin is hoping to continue raising money through the car community. If you’re interested in helping, click here to donate to the Joey Logano Foundation, and comment “Cruise4Kids” on your donation.


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