• Date-correct Cobra Hi-Riser V8 / Date-correct Paxton supercharger / 450 horsepower
  • Original Toploader 4-speed manual transmission
  • Correct open differential / Correct 3.89 gears
  • Factory power steering
  • Factory power front disc and rear drum brakes
  • Original and NOS body panels / Correct Candyapple Red paint
  • Correct Black interior
  • Nut and bolt rotisserie restoration completed by a Mustang Club of America Gold Card judge
  • Fully documented
  • Awarded First in Class at the 2012 Mid-America Team Shelby Performance Meet

From rare 60s Trans Am cars to Fox Body SVOs, the Mustang camp has ALWAYS provided it's fans with a whole portfolio of unique options and fabled powertrains. And in the world of specialty Mustangs, the name Carroll Shelby has always been synonymous with extreme performance and big exclusivity. If you can find a pristine Shelby Mustang that's been correctly restored and has all the right hardware, you can get a serious investment grade classic with an upward value curb that seems to have no end. And if you've ever dreamed of owning a rare Shelby GT350 that's so nice it was awarded First in Class at the 2012 Mid-America Team Shelby Performance Meet, you've clicked the right icon! Packing a fully detailed K-Code 289 and a tough Toploader 4-speed in a freshly restored wrapper, this fully documented Mustang is 1 of 35 '67 Shelbys to wear a supercharger, and 1 of only 5 to be painted Candyapple Red. Are you a prospecting enthusiast who's looking for long-term gains via a pristine example of one of the finest muscle cars ever produced? Then dive right in and take a long look at this world class Shelby!

According to this stellar pony car's Deluxe Marti Auto Works Report, it was assembled on May 4th of 1967 in San Jose, California with the following door data and options:


* 67 – 1967 model year
* 2 – 289 cubic inch hi-performance V8 with Shelby modifications
* 0 – 4-speed manual transmission
* 0 – Base vehicle (No air conditioning or thermactor)
* F – Fastback
* 9 – Candyapple Red paint: Ford #2008-A
* A – Black interior
* 02309 – Consecutive Shelby production number


* Extra Cooling Package
* Courtesy Light Group
* Fold down rear seat
* Power steering
* Power front disc brakes
* Interior Décor Group
* Heavy duty battery
* Tachometer and trip odometer

Assembled nine days behind schedule, this pristine '67 Shelby GT350 was shipped to Robie Ford in Dorchester, Massachusetts and likely saw very little showroom time before its awesome power and killer style were unleashed on Boston's mean streets. But, as with many cars, this Mustang's northeast christening was only the beginning of its journey, as the next two decades were spent traveling through the dry climates of Arkansas, Texas and Arizona. And at the end of the first muscle car boom, circa 1990, a highly detailed restoration, envisioned by a new sequence of owners, was started but never completed. It wouldn't be until March of 2011 when the car's current owner, an MCA Gold Card judge, would successfully execute a nut and bolt rotisserie rebuild. And that first class rebuild, which stripped and reworked all of the car's panels into a combination of super smooth surfaces and laser straight lines, was constructed of strictly original and NOS pieces. Once those pieces were fully prepped and displayed an excellent level of fit, a correct coat of Ford Candyapple Red basecoat was buried in a thick clearcoat shell. Once that clearcoat was completely dry, correct “G.T.350” stripes were laid over a fantastic, buffer-fresh shine. And the result is one top notch Shelby showpiece that's literally as close to concours perfect as any road-ready car can get.

Shelby's GT line threw fuel on the muscle car fire by not only adding power, but also introducing some of the coolest and most aggressive Mustang design cues ever created. At the leading edge of this slick GT350, a pristine chrome bumper dissects a correct Shelby grille which hangs familiar FoMoCo driving lights between a fresh “SHELBY G.T. 350” badge, bright halogen headlamps and bullet-style parking lights. At the top of that grille, correct chrome lanyards lead the eye past a lightweight fiberglass hood to like-new glass that's framed by bright stainless trim, spotless stainless wipers and a correct chrome mirror. At the sides of that glass, correct Shelby scoops and correct Shelby fender caps combine with factory fresh Cobra emblems and traditional chrome door handles to provide an aggressive, yet finished appearance. And at the back of the car, a familiar Shelby decklid hangs a second “SHELBY G.T. 350” badge over traditional Shelby tail lights, a handsome Cobra fuel filler, a second chrome bumper, highly detailed reverse lamps and bright stainless exhaust tips.

Now that you've waded through all the flowery prose about paint and stainless trim, it's time to get down to business. Lift this Shelby's glossy red hood and you'll find a fresh 289 cubic inch small block V8 that displays a correct C5AE-6015E casting number below an era-correct April (D) 18th (18) of 1967 (7) casting date. Completely rebuilt from its carburetor all the way down to its Ford Blue oil pan, this Mustang's Cobra Hi-Riser motor utilizes a heavy duty crank and rotating assembly, a hot NOS C30Z-6250-C camshaft, solid lifters and a correct C180802107 Paxton supercharger to transform stout 10.5 to 1 compression into an impressive 450 horsepower! At the top of that rugged Windsor block, a rare blower, dated February 10th, of 1967, jams oxygen into a big 4-barrel carburetor that's bolted to a correct S7MS-9424A hi-riser intake. At the sides of that intake, high performance heads, which were cast on February (B) 3rd (3) of 1967 (7), hang attractive Cobra crinkle-finish valve covers between a chrome Ford breather and date-correct exhaust manifolds that wear C7ZE-9431-A left, and C7ZE-9430-A right, casting numbers. The engine's fires are lit by an authentic dual-point distributor, fresh black plug wires and NOS BF32 Autolite spark plugs. Cooling for those fires is provided by an original radiator, dated from April of 1967, which sends water past a unique pulley fan via fresh FoMoCo hoses, reproduction tower clamps and reproduction screw clamps. Pressure for that radiator comes courtesy of new V-belts which spin a correct C60-F-A water pump between a rebuilt Autolite alternator and an era-correct power steering pump. And the whole process is kicked into motion by a reproduction Autolite Sta-Ful battery that jolts current through snazzy Autolite cables. Aesthetically, this Mustang's exceptionally detailed engine bay appears very close to original and features an even combination of satin black and Ford Blue paint under correct Ford decals. And everything, from the car's March (C) of 67 (7) harmonic balancer to its April (4) of 1967 (7) C50E-6059-A front engine cover, is fully-sorted and absolutely spotless.

Take one look under this awesome GT350 and you'll find exceptionally clean, expertly detailed floors that are every bit as solid as the car's straight exterior panels. Behind Ford's legendary V8 an original close-ratio Toploader 4-speed, which is branded with a Mustang-exclusive RUG-N1 build stamp, spins a correct open differential between tall 3.89 gears, original axles and an April (D) 10th (10) of 1967 (7) casting date. At the front of the car, rebuilt torsion bars hang a correct sway bar and factory power steering between fresh calipers and NOS rotors. At the back of the car, rebuilt leaf springs hang Shelby-exclusive 2.5 inch FoMoCo brake drums at the edges of a new stainless fuel tank. In the middle of the car, an aluminized true dual exhaust system funnels spent gases through a traditional H-pipe crossover, original-style exhaust clamps, long resonators and a reproduction transverse muffler that's complete with correct stampings. At the edges of the car, Ol' Shel's power flows to the pavement through correct E70-15 Goodyear Speedway rollers that are wrapped around razor-sharp Magstar wheels. And everything from this Ford's oxide-primered floors to its correct transmission crossmember, dated April (4) 21st (21) of 1967 (7), looks better than the day the car rolled out of the factory.

Inside this killer pony car's impressive cockpit you'll find a correct deluxe interior that was painstakingly reconstructed using a stellar combination of original and reproduction pieces. Naturally, Shelby focused most of his energy on the performance and exterior appearance of the car; and when those attributes were combined with Ford's already excellent Mustang interior, it paid big dividends. The first thing you'll notice is an old school wood-rimmed and chrome-trimmed EPPI steering wheel that spins around a gold GT350 centerpiece. Above that steering wheel, a great looking dash frames a correct 140 MPH speedometer, a correct 8,000 RPM tachometer and a Ford AM radio in satin silver trim. In front of that dash, plush vinyl seats, which probably haven't broken double digit hours in seat time, present no evidence of sun damage or rot. Beneath those seats, new black carpet and bright stainless sills center an original Ford shifter between thick rubber mats and authentic Stewart Warner gauges. Above that carpet, an original black roll bar hangs original shoulder belts below a fade-free headliner. At the sides of that roll bar, stylish black door panels feature excellent stainless trim, spotless chrome handles and fresh silver accents. And at the back of the cockpit, familiar Shelby vents ride above a folding rear seat that expands a small cargo hold.

As you might imagine, the sale of this investment grade Ford includes ample documentation. Here's an itemized list of all the car's pertinent paperwork:
* Shelby invoices for the Paxton supercharger
* A production order for the Paxton supercharger
* A list of VINs receiving Paxton superchargers
* The Deluxe Marti Auto Works Report outlined above
* Copies of the car's Shelby Registry documents
* A CD of engine build photos
* A nice show board
* A stack of printed photos that includes:
* --- The 289 Cobra Hi-Riser's casting number and casting date
* --- That engine's HiPo rods and caps
* --- That engine's NOS camshaft
* --- That engine's correct front cover number
* --- That engine's hatchet and timing chain
* --- That engine's NOS Autolite spark plugs
* --- That engine's HiPo heads
* --- Those head's casting dates
* --- The Paxton supercharger's serial number
* --- The Cobra intake manifold's casting number
* --- The low-restriction exhaust manifold's casting numbers and casting dates
* --- The correct water pump's casting number
* --- The correct Harmonic Balancer's casting date
* --- The original radiator's date
* --- The car's date-correct wiper motor
* --- The car's original motor mounts
* --- The car's transmission stamp
* --- The top of the car's correct transmission crossmember
* --- The car's differential tag
* --- The car's differential carrier casting date
* --- The car's original axles
* --- The car's original pitman arm
* --- The car's NOS brake rotors
* --- The car's Shelby-exclusive 2.5 inch FoMoCo brake drums
* --- The car's original-style exhaust clamps
* --- The car's reproduction transverse muffler stamping
* --- The car's original wheels and center caps
* --- The car's NOS kick panels
* --- The car's original flasher units

There are few cars that have the kind of attitude and presence of an old school Shelby. And if previous trends are any indication, these cars will continue to gain value as they become more exclusive and more collectible. This professionally restored GT350 is a documented, fully-sorted classic which drives and sounds every bit as good as it looks. If you're a dedicated purist who desires only the best, here's your chance to own the ultimate muscle car!

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