Love the new Camaro but not the dealer-inflated price tag? Need a quick fix on a sinister black piece with some subtle and smart modifications, but still crave that new car smell? Look no further, because RK Motors has you covered. This 2010 Camaro SS/RS packs all the goodness of a stock Camaro SS plus a whole bunch of smart mods from SLP Engineering, and wraps it up in a 697 mile package that is as close to a new car as you're going to get for the money.

No doubt the new Camaro is the slam-dunk that GM desperately needed. With a Corvette-derived 6.2 liter V8 and a sophisticated all-independent suspension developed by the same guys who brought you the awesome Pontiac GTO and G8, it's a spectacular all-around performer that has truly earned the right to wear the vaunted Camaro nameplate. And calling it an SS is a lot more than just badge engineering 426 horsepower is something Camaros of yore could only dream of. Paired up with a 6-speed manual, and you have a total package that might even be worth the extra cash that dealers are charging for new ones.

But never mind all that, let me tell you about this nasty black coupe. Like many of our low-mileage, factory-fresh pieces, the highest praise I can give this car is that it is as new in every single conceivable way. Paint and bodywork? Spectacular. And if there's a dealer prep guy better than the fellows in our detail shop, I'd be shocked. Panel gaps are tight and neat, and obviously this car has never been in an accident or required any body work of any kind. Heck, it still smells new inside, and the tires still sport the casting quills on the sidewalls. Of course, there are a few subtle modifications, including the SLP Engineering RS badges on the flanks that look like they came from the factory and there's no avoiding the big Hurst Equipped badge on the decklid (more on that Hurst shifter later). The paint quality coming out of GM's factories today is nothing short of surprising, given that GM was the single biggest producer of orange peel outside of Florida in the 1980s. No longer this car is glossy, smooth, flat and beautifully finished. Credit improved paint and modern application technology for the improvements, and this car looks like a million bucks.

Power comes from GM's stout 6.2 liter V8, which is essentially borrowed from the base Corvette. I remember when a 230 horsepower Camaro IROC was a very big deal, and this car has almost TWICE as much power, from the factory and with a warranty. If you're a teenager today (or were one recently), recognize that these are the glory years of factory muscle and it will never be this good again. Dressed in a cool Camaro-exclusive shroud that really cleans up the engine bay, this SS prowls the streets itching for a fight. It rumbles, snarls, and barks like a real performance piece, and the sophisticated engine management system even helps it eke out decent fuel mileage thanks to cylinder deactivation technology. But this aint no Cadillac V-4-6-8.

This black pony also comes equipped with the slick-shifting 6-speed manual transmission. Apparently, like Corvette owners, Camaro owners seem to gravitate towards automatics, which, while handy for daily driving, aren't the hot ticket for all-out performance. GM still insists on equipping all their manual-transmission cars with the annoying 1-4 skip-shift feature, which locks out 2nd and 3rd gear under certain circumstances. Clever drivers quickly learn to drive around it, but this car has done you one better: an SLP Engineering skip-shift eliminator kit. That's right, the odd sensation of an invisible hand guiding the shifter into fourth instead of second has been banished from this Camaro's play book. Other cool modifications include upgrades to the exhaust system which give this black Camaro a very ominous voice and may even generate a few extra ponies in the bargain.

This car's 1SS package includes SS-specific exterior and interior styling cues, 20-inch aluminum wheels, and positively massive Brembo brakes. The RS package modifies that somewhat with a set of unique 20x8 front and 20x9 rear wheels with a “midnight silver” finish, special taillamps, and a set of HID headlights (you know, those cool bluish ones you see on the high-end German cars).

Climb inside and you'll be delighted by the tan cloth inserts on the seats. We've debated this car's interior here at RK Motors, with some preferring an all-black interior, while others, myself included, like the contrast that the tan offers, brightening up an interior that definitely needs some brightening. Those gunslit-style windows, while cool as hell, don't let in a lot of light, making an all-black interior feel a little bit like a hole in the ground. Whatever the color, though, these are some extremely comfortable buckets that are highly adjustable to fit you no matter how tall you are. They're grippy enough to hold you in place for the aggressive driving of which this car is capable, yet comfortable enough for long, relaxed road trips. As I mentioned earlier, there are a number of notable upgrades inside, including a Hurst T-handle shifter for the 6-speed and a set of GM Performance gauges in the factory location on the console (the original console is also included with the car if you ever want to go 100% stock). Like the rest of the car, the best I can say is that it is 100% new inside, with no signs of use or wear anywhere.

As a new car, documentation is exactly what you would get if you ordered this one yourself: owner's manual, warranty guide, original window sticker, build sheet, brochures, invoices, order forms, and even receipts for the aftermarket equipment and modifications. I can't say whether these cars will be collector's items in 40 years, but at least you have the documentation to go with this one if they are.

The 2011s are rolling, and dealers are still charging a premium for these cars. Supply will eventually catch up with demand and that'll stop, but in the mean time, you don't have a new Camaro. Well, here's your solution. This is a new car in every way, with some upgrades that anybody would approve of, and it's ready to rumble today. Still covered by the factory warranty and with all the important documents, you can beat the dealer at his own game and move to the head of the line. Add in the rare RS package and you've got a new car bargain. If a Camaro is what you want, then take another good, long look at the photos and decide whether you've waited long enough. Call now!

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