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No matter how fast a car is, there are always guys who will say it's not fast enough. Any production car packing 540 horsepower on the street will surely get your attention, but for some Shelby enthusiasts, it's only the beginning. So you go out and buy yourself a brand-new 2010 Shelby GT500 convertible like this one, then find some way to stuff another whole Mustangs worth of horsepower under the hood. Easy enough, right?

In truth, this is a GT500 with a big Ford Racing supercharger upgrade. Instead of the Eaton unit used in the regular GT500, this is a Whipple, which makes massive boost with less friction and less heat, and spools so quickly that full boost is available before you can even get your foot on the floor. Thanks to more boost pressure, the engine makes an estimated 750 horsepower with no appreciable increase in weight, resulting in A) insane amounts of wheelspin in any gear and at any speed, and B) one of the fastest, hairiest, most lunatic cars we've ever represented.

If too much is what you're looking for, here it is, wrapped in a beautiful red wrapper.

This car has less than 1000 miles on the clock (928.4 to be exact), and presents as new in every way. The 2010 Shelby was based on the redesigned Mustang, and the improvements were all good ones. The car is leaner, meaner, and more taut-looking than the first generation “retro” ponies, and the Shelby only amplifies that look. Up front there's a hood with a built-in air extractor, designed to let hot air out of the densely packed engine bay, and it's covered with cool stainless mesh to keep children from falling in. The vivid red paint is factory fresh and looks spectacular,—there's really nothing better than a bright red Mustang ragtop. Add in those sinister black Shelby stripes and suddenly you're looking at a car that probably has a stomach that's constantly grumbling; it's hungry. And angry. Probably. Either way, it definitely wants to hurt you.

The heart of the beast is the 5.4 liter supercharged V8 under the hood. The first thing you notice is that giant Ford Racing blower with its polished aluminum case anyone who opens the hood is going to know something's up the minute they see it. It inhales air by the cubic meter through a giant K&N air filter assembly that feeds the blower through a massive sewer-pipe sized inlet pipe. The rest of the engine bay is pretty much standard GT500 issue, with the hand-built engine still wearing the signatures of the guys who screwed it together at the Romeo, Michigan assembly plant. Cool “Powered by SVT” emblems live on the cam covers and look like vintage finned aluminum pieces, which is a cool retro touch, and it's clear they spent some effort making the engine look special at the factory. It is new in every way, although you'd be kidding yourself if you think the guy who bought it didn't at least experiment with wide-open throttle a few times.

The transmission is a 6-speed manual, but you may as well ignore first gear. With 750 horsepower on tap and a blower that wants to join the party every time your little toe moves, first gears real job is to make money for the tire companies. In fact, this car will spin the tires all the way through FOURTH gear if you're brave enough to try it at triple-digit speeds. The Shelby's suspension is awfully darned good, though, and tames the engines antics well enough to make it a comfortable cruiser on all but the most broken roads. The chassis is stable, the brakes powerful, and the structure feels robust, so you won't have any worries about breaking this carcass long as you keep the street tires on it. It is wearing a set of gorgeous 20-inch Shelby wheels and Nitto tires, which really help it stand apart from the pack, just in case the cloud of tire smoke following it around isn't enough. Seriously, if you buy this car, you should get a few thousand bucks’ worth of tire company stock with it.

Inside, it's stock GT500 all the way, with supportive black leather seats that still look factory fresh. The seats have a retro-pattern on them, and the round gauges definitely recall the great cars of the ‘60s, and the cool blue lighting scheme is just perfect, although you'll never see it because the engine doesn't give you time to look at anything but the horizon as it rapidly approaches. The fat steering wheel feels great in your hands, and the controls on the spokes at least make operating the radio and cruise control a possibility, because you don't want to try to control this one with just one hand. The stereo is powerful, fortunately, because the between the wail of the blower and the bellow of the exhaust, you're going to need to pump up the volume... Ah, who needs music when you have 750 horsepower? Fold the black convertible top into the well, key it up, and go wreck some pavement.

Documentation covers the basics: owner's manual, GT500 supplement, SYNC system guide, and a Super Snake brochure with a car identical to this one on the cover. Cool, eh?

When I worked at a race shop, guys would come in all the time and ask for 750 horsepower. We usually talked them out of it, because it's just ridiculous in a street car and if you're not careful, you'll lose your license in about two days. However, this Shelby is such a well-rounded package that the added horsepower comes without a penalty it still handles superbly, the brakes are still amazing, and the Mustangs structure is so solid, it feels like it could handle another 200 ponies. The point is, the added horsepower seems to cure the common complaints about the GT500. Or, rather, it simply obliterates them with noise, acceleration, and smoke. If too much is what you're looking for, here it is. Just don't say we didn't warn you.

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