• 392 cubic inch Ford Racing Sportsman V8 / 480 horsepower
  • Tremec TR3550 5-speed manual transmission
  • 3.73 rear gears
  • Superformance jig-welded frame / Fully independent suspension
  • Rack-and-pinion steering / 4-wheel power disc brakes
  • 17-inch spindle-mount wheels
  • Superformance fiberglass body / Black vinyl top
  • PPG Wimbledon White paint / PPG Viper Blue stripes
  • Black leather interior
  • Professionally assembled in 2001


* Professionally assembled in 2001
* 392 cubic inch Ford Racing Sportsman V8 / 480 horsepower
* Tremec TR3550 5-speed manual transmission
* Superformance fiberglass body / Black vinyl top
* PPG Wimbledon White paint / PPG Viper Blue stripes
* Black leather interior
* 17-inch spindle-mount wheels
* Superformance jig-welded frame / Fully independent suspension
* Rack-and-pinion steering / 4-wheel power disc brakes
* 3.73 rear gears


The world of Cobra roadsters is much like the world of street rods: there are nice cars and then there are cars that take things to a whole new level. That means Cobra enthusiasts don't have to look very hard to find a great variety of aftermarket support, and that makes it pretty easy to build a roadster any way they like it. The problem then becomes the amount of time and money that such a massive undertaking requires. After spending years writing check after check to shop after shop, the enthusiast finally gets to enjoy a car that, by that point in time, they might not even want. Fortunately, there is a better solution! Why not let your friends at RK Motors Charlotte sell you a top-notch custom like this killer Superformance stroker for half the price, and a fraction of the time, of building it yourself?


As the only Shelby licensed replica of the original 1965 Cobra, this roadster's sublime Superformance body utilizes high quality, hand laminated fiberglass to create a rock-solid drop-top that provides a first-rate driving experience. Those stiffly reinforced panels, assembled by Olthoff Racing back in 2001, feature the smooth surfaces and typically tight gaps we've come to expect from top tier Cobra replicas. And that excellent fit and finish is a testament to both OEM-quality and a series of talented technicians. Those excellent aesthetics found glossy PPG Wimbledon White 2-stage under vivid PPG Viper Blue racing stripes. And overall, this Shelby's timeless combination of killer style, serious performance and contemporary build techniques creates an irresistible curve carver that'll keep onlookers marveling!

Detailing is crucial on a replica because that's where a lot of cars start to disappoint. Fortunately, you can tell the overall impression of one of these classics from about five feet away. And naturally, this Cobra hits all the right visuals! At the front of the car, a “SHELBY” branded nose hangs chrome-trimmed headlights over mesh grilles, clear, bullet-style parking lamps and polished quick lifts. A small hood anchors a riveted scoop in front of locking latches, polished wipers and tinted visors. Behind that hood, a full vinyl top hangs clean side curtains over a fresh windshield, clear wind wings and a full roll bar. At the sides of the car, coated pipes found stylish “427” emblems and finned air extractors beneath a polished mirror and familiar, Monza-style fuel filler. And at the back of the car, chrome-trimmed tail lamps combine with a chrome tag light to illuminate a locking trunk handle and two more polished quick lifts.


When the original Cobra stormed the scene, team Shelby's mantra was all performance, all the way. And, while many reproductions hit the ground as sedate street cruisers, serious road chops require serious motor. Bored and stroked to a whopping 392 cubic inches, this roadster's forward motivation comes from a spry Ford Racing Sportsman block. The mean mill's energy mixture is supplied by a coated 4-barrel carburetor, which is sandwiched between a polished Ford Motorsport air cleaner, braided XRP fluid lines and an aluminum, dual-plane intake. That mixture travels in to aluminum SVO heads, which hang red-trimmed Ford Racing valve covers and polished Ford Motorsport breathers over free-breathing headers. Compression is created when that mixture meets forged pistons and quality H-beam rods thanks to stainless valves and a Comp hydraulic cam. An MSD Pro-Billet distributor jolts Ford Motorsport plug wires and an MSD Blaster SS coil to keep the fires lit. Heat is dispersed by a beefy aluminum radiator, which is mated to stainless water tubes, a fabricated expansion tank and big electric puller fans. Billet pulleys spin a polished Powermaster alternator next to an aluminum water pump. First rate detailing, like a chrome dipstick, Ford Motorsport wire looms, a Ford wingnut, a billet Jaz fuel filter and a fully finished hood, ensure this classic is more than just a random curbside attraction. And, when all is said and done, the hot mill, hand-built by Race Parts Distribution Inc. of Cornelius, North Carolina, kicks out a solid 480 horsepower.


One of the best things about buying any high quality replica is the modern hardware underneath. Fully sorted and ready to roll, this Shelby's Superformance heavy wall Jig-welded frame and fully independent suspension are poised to challenge the toughest turns you can find! At the center of those bones, a rugged Tremec TR3550 5-speed twists torque to big, 3.73 gears. Turns come courtesy of modern rack-and-pinion steering. Solid stops are provided by four power-assisted discs. Power meets the pavement through attractive spindle-mount wheels, which twist 275/40ZR17 Micheline Pilot Sports in front of 335/35ZR17 Michelin Pilot Sports. And details like a fresh undercoating and a Canton deep-sump oil pan round out an otherwise impressive build.


Cobra interiors have always been stylish and simple, and one look inside this roadster reveals just how serious the car's aspirations are when it comes to being driver-focused. Buff bucket seats stretch tight, leather hides under 5-point R.J.S. safety harnesses. In front of those seats, a monochromatic dash hangs Smiths gauges, Lucas gauges, a locking glovebox and a small shift light beneath a pedestal-mount mirror. At the sides of that dash, lightweight doors found polished poppers behind tight panels. Below those doors, clean carpet centers a booted e-brake and short-throw shifter between a polished fire extinguisher and colorful Superformance floor mats. The driver feels the asphalt through a polished steering wheel, which twists an authentic wood rim around a red, white and blue Cobra logo. And the passenger stows cargo in a fully finished trunk.


* A Superformance Owner's Manual
* A Superformance Vehicle Detail Sheet
* Service records
* Component literature
* A color-keyed cockpit cover

Professionally assembled, thrilling to drive and ready to deliver the ride of your life, this Cobra is sure to satisfy anyone who has a pulse. Why waste valuable time waiting for a car to be built when we have a first-class roadster sitting right here in our RK Motors Charlotte showroom? Don't miss your opportunity to own this spectacular turnkey classic!

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