When the Challenger made its triumphant return to the automotive world, hot on the heels of the retro-themed Mustang and Camaro, you knew it would only be a matter of time before Chrysler started getting all nostalgic on us. With a rich history and so many famous colors, options, and models to draw from, the folks at Mopar were probably overwhelmed with choices and decisions to make. The Challenger itself is a brilliant combination of yesterday and today, with cool twists such as carbon-fiber look stripes and options like the Track Pak.

For 2010, one of the first things Chrysler designers did was reach into the vintage paint palette and pull out one of the most vivid (and vividly polarizing) colors from the great years of Mopar muscle: Panther Pink. Well, OK, they're calling it Furious Fuchsia because their licensing agreement with Owens Corning (owner of the Pink Panther logo and color) has expired. And to my eye, it looks more like Moulin Rouge, but I don't think it matters. This 2010 Challenger SRT8 is a fire-breathing tribute to the biggest, nastiest, and arguably manliest cars to ever wear the Pentastar logo. Yeah, it takes one hell of a man to drive a pink car, and that pink car had better be packing an awful lot of firepower.

Only 400 Furious Fuchsia SRT8 Challengers were built in 2010, and there will be no more. They feature not only the incredible Furious Fuchsia paint, but also custom 20-inch forged aluminum wheels with blacked-out openings and an absolutely awesome black and white interior. Performance is identical to other SRT8s, which is to say that it's incredibly potent on the street, and no, you won't be sneaking around in this car with the rumbling quad-tipped exhaust system that looks like someone stole it off one of the Hemis in our showroom.

Best of all, SRT8 number 179 has 1 mile on it (yes, ONE mile). It's brand new in every possible sense of the word, and is, as of this writing, the ONLY one I can find for sale on the Internet. If you want the rarest of the new Challengers, this is the one to own.

We've had brand-new Challengers before look over our sold inventory to see that we've had more than a few orange ones, several black ones, and even a couple of red ones. We've had one or two with the Track Pak option, and even one with every single piece of paper that says 'Challenger' on it that the original owner could find, from press releases to calendars. Nevertheless, if you're looking for the Challenger that will be worth its weight in gold in 30 or 40 years, I'm betting this is it. Wrap it up, put it away, and keep it showroom new, and it might very well be a smarter investment than that mutual fund your financial advisor keeps talking about.

Like with all the showroom fresh cars we get, the highest praise I can offer is that 179 is like new in every way. Never driven, never abused, never even parked outside where road dust could settle on it, this is as perfect a car as Chrysler can build. In the light, you can tell that this paint has a lot of metallic and pearls mixed in, a far cry from the solid day-glo colors of the '60s, and it is a great twist on the original, just like the car itself. Old cars with a lot of metallic in the paint never look right, and new cars with single-stage paint look equally odd. Whatever they added to this stuff, it practically glows under the lights in the studio, like maybe it's radioactive or something. Very cool.

I also like the carbon-fiber print stripes, which can be found on all SRT8 models. As I mentioned earlier, it's a cool 21st century twist on the original graphics and a tie-in to the dramatic Challenger show car from a few years ago where the hood was made of cabon-fiber and was left unpainted to create the stripes. You certainly can't accuse these guys of not knowing how to tie into history, regardless of whether it's 40 years or 4 years old.
And I suspect that's just how you Mopar guys like it.

Under the hood, of course you'll find the 6.1 liter Hemi V8, a punched-out version of the 5.7 liter mill found in products ranging from the Chrysler 300 to Dodge trucks. But in the SRT8 version, it gets a lot of special attention befitting a car of this stature. The first thing you'll notice is that this engine is painted Hemi Orange! It's been years since I've seen a painted engine come off of a factory assembly line, but on this car they decided it needed a little eye candy under the hood. Yeah, I know it's a little hard to see in the photos, but trust me, that engine is bright orange, just like you always wanted it to be. And it's still full of good stuff that makes it one of the most powerful V8s on the planet, cranking out 425 horsepower and 420 pounds of torque. And like the Shaker hood scoops of yore, this one looks tidy with the big aluminum intake manifold flanked by stylish black plastic coil covers with the Hemi logo emblazoned on their lids. I've seen new Challengers at shows that looked like this only because their owners took them apart and laboriously detailed, painted, and reassembled the engine bay. This one is available with show-car looks right out of the box.

And all that performance goodness continues underneath, as well, where all the big horsepower is matched by big brakes, big tires, and big exhaust pipes. A 6-speed manual is, of course, part of the equation and provides both tire-melting acceleration and easy high-speed cruising in that deep overdrive. The dual exhaust bellows through special mufflers and exits through those cool chrome tips I mentioned earlier (go ahead and compare them to the standard Challenger we also have in the showroom). Things like traction control and ABS are standard equipment these days, and make safely extracting every last bit of performance from the car easier and safer than the good old, bad old days of bias ply tires and drum brakes. And if you're like me, you probably skipped right ahead to check out those massive and unique 5-spoke wheels that are exclusive to this model. I like the machined faces with the blacked-out openings that give the wheels a cutting-edge performance look (no retro needed here, thank you very much) and allow the big Brembos to breathe. Tires are massive Goodyear F1 radials, and if you're planning on using this Challenger as a daily driver, I'd recommend some different footwear for inclement weather these are high performance tires for nice days only!

Inside, you'll find the biggest treat that Dodge has for its customers. If the color is cool, the interior is absolutely mind-blowing. They call it pearl white, except today it's top-grain leather instead of the vinyl stuff from the '60s. And before you start wrinkling your nose at the thought of white leather in your hot rod, take another good, long look at those photos. The Dodge boys have you covered they're not going to put something together that doesn't look exactly right in a model like this. There's enough black in there to keep it anchored, but at first glance, it's 1970 all over again. The seats are a vast, vast improvement over the vintage buckets in the older cars, with aggressive side bolsters and enough adjustability to make just about anyone comfortable behind the wheel. The pearl effect isn't just a name, either, since these seats have that cool, soft glow that really nails the vintage look. And, of course, its leather, meaning that it isn't sticky or hot like the seats in your older muscle. The dash is full of day glow gauges that harken back to the original Rallye gauges of the past, and that's no R11 2-watt AM radio in the dash. This car is loaded with every single option you can throw at a Challenger, including a state-of-the-art entertainment system, navigation, powered and heated seats, A/C, and, well, take a look at the window sticker and see for yourself.

Speaking of window stickers, this car is heavily documented, which is exactly what you're going to need in a few years to make this car worth top dollar. In addition to the window sticker, we also have build sheets, a shipping manifest, manuals, brochures, and inspection stickers that will authenticate this car for even the most discriminating buyer. Fast, rare, and with a full pedigree isn't that what makes that handful of original Hemi 'Cudas so valuable?

I also like the carbon-fiber print stripes, which can be found on all SRT8 models. As I mentioned earlier, it's a cool 21st century twist on the original graphics and a tie-in to the dramatic Challenger show car from a few years ago where the hood was made of cabon-fiber and was left unpainted to create the stripes. You certainly can't accuse these guys of not knowing how to tie into history, regardless of whether it's 40 years or 4 years old. And I suspect that's just how you Mopar guys like it.

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