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If there's an ultimate Ford Mustang, it absolutely has to be the Boss 429. No other pony coming out of a Ford factory has ever matched its single-minded purpose and construction - take the nastiest corporate V8 (a NASCAR-spec big block), top it with some aluminum heads with giant ports, and shove it into the Mustang by chopping up the shock towers. Bake for a few weeks at Kar Kraft, then unleash it onto an unsuspecting public.

Today, the Boss 'Nines are worth their weight in gold, and there just aren't enough to go around, with only 1359 being built in 1969 and 1970. So what's an enterprising Mustang fan from Iceland to do when a Mach 1 with a 428 just won't cut it? How about building your own Boss 429 tribute, then painting it badass black with a black interior for that extra sinister touch? This '69 Mustang is just such a car, and as soon as you hear it run, you'll stop wondering about performance potential and start reaching for your checkbook.

Of course, if you know cars, you know the Boss 429 was a lot of potential that looked great on paper but didn't quite deliver the goods on the street. Don't get me wrong, they're nasty, fast pieces, but just not AS fast as they should have been. The de-tuned race spec engine with ports big enough to swallow golf balls whole just didn't like trotting around town at 2000 RPM and idling at stop lights. It was designed to run at wide open throttle on the high-speed ovals spinning at 7000 RPM, where it was dominant until Ford pulled out of racing in 1970. No matter. Let's talk about this killer Mustang fastback, shall we?

Ordinarily, I'd start with the smooth, black flanks on this pony, but with tribute cars, it's all about the driveline, so I'm guessing that's what you really want to know about anyway. You're inevitably going to ask about numbers, dates, codes, castings, and a whole bunch of other stuff, because that's what guys who are interested in these cars do. So I'll help you out and sum it all up here and share everything I found during a few long hours looking at numbers.

The engine is a C9VE-B block, which means it is a 1969 429/460 out of a full-sized Ford. It isn't a real Boss 429 block of course, which is good, because a real Boss 429 block belongs in a real Boss 429, not a street racer. The heads are cast iron C8VE-E castings (the Boss 429 used aluminum heads), which are from the first year of 385-series engines. The 429 was introduced in the 1968 Thunderbird as the "Thunderjet" while the 460 was introduced in the Lincoln lineup that same year. All these heads used positive-stop shouldered rocker studs and cast iron rail, self-aligning rocker arms in a 1.73:1 ratio. Valve sizes are 2.09" intake and 1 65" exhaust, while the compression ratio on combinations like this typically runs about 10.5:1, which is very streetable.

The intake manifold is a tried-and-true Edelbrock Performer RPM cast aluminum piece, topped by a Holley double-pumper for a reliable, tunable, powerful combination that probably propels more performance cars than just about anything else. It's topped by a cast aluminum COBRA air cleaner that simulates the dual quad look and inhales fresh air through the Boss 429 style hood scoop. And there are a pair of matching COBRA 429 cast aluminum valve covers, too, giving the engine compartment a hard core performance look. Exhaust is handled by a set of cast iron manifolds designed to hug the block (remember those shock towers), dumping into a 2.5-inch true dual system with large stainless tips. The combination runs extremely well, and sounds absolutely vicious, with a nice burble at idle and a terrific bark when you lean into the throttle.

The transmission is a Ford Toploader 4-speed, and again, I'll give you the numbers. The box itself is a C8AR-7006-D W 2 casting, while the tailshaft is a C70R-7A040-A. If you aren't a numbers junkie, then I'll tell you that this is the good transmission with the big input shaft, and is correct for a late '67, and '68-'69 390/428 and 429 big block engines. The output shaft has 31 splines, and most consider this transmission to be virtually indestructible. It feeds a beefy Ford 9-inch differential stuffed with 3.50 gears and a limited slip.

The suspension is all stock Mustang, save for the adjustable air shocks on the rear axle. The brakes have been recently rebuilt and work perfectly, and everything under the car is in serviceable condition with no signs of damage, neglect, abuse or trouble. Get in, fire it up, and enjoy this car worry-free.

OK, back to that gorgeous black body. You know how hard it is to make black cars look good, and this one looks GREAT. After it arrived here, it got the full spa treatment over at the body shop where it was cut and buffed and now it looks like a million bucks. Wow, is it brutal-looking! Roll into a cruise with this bad boy, and you're not going to get anyone kicking sand in your face, I don't care what they're driving. The BOSS 429 graphics on the front fenders are authentic-looking, as are the hood scoop, chin spoiler, window louvers and rear wing. Without checking VINs and looking under the hood, this car certainly looks like a real Boss.

All that inky black paint is set off beautifully by good chrome and stainless, clean glass, good lenses and badges, plus those awesome chrome Magnum 500 wheels carrying brand new BFGoodrich T/A radials. Black Mustangs just don't get better looking than this.

The black bucket seat interior has some notable upgrades that are visible as soon as you climb in. Most notable are the extra AutoMeter gauges, including a Monster Tach on top of the steering column, and mechanical oil pressure and temperature gauges mounted down low next to the console. The bucket seats have been recovered at some point - they're too nice to be original, and the carpets look very good. The wood rim steering wheel is probably a reproduction item, but it looks right in this cockpit, and the Hurst T-handle shifter bangs that Toploader like a rented mule. This car was definitely born to run.

We've also spent a good deal of time and money getting it in top shape since it arrived here. The body shop spent some time cutting and buffing that black paint, while our techs made sure it was in top mechanical condition, including a new radiator, vintage battery, hoses and a ton of other parts (receipts included).

There are a few cars that just have presence, and this is one of them. Maybe it's the black paint, maybe it's the healthy exhaust note, or maybe, just maybe, it's the BOSS 429 labels on the front fenders striking a little fear into everyone's heart. Combined, this is one of the most sinister Mustangs we've had, and it runs every bit as good as it looks (hell, with a modified street 429 under the hood, it may even run BETTER than a real Boss). This is a car that is at home on the street, on the track, or on the show field, and has been fully sorted by the techs. Can you go wrong with a bad, black, big block Mustang? I think not. Call today.

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