• Era-correct 426 cubic inch Ramcharger V8
  • Era-correct A727 Torqueflite pushbutton transmission
  • Era-correct Sure Grip rear end that's equipped with 3.91 gears
  • Mostly original body that's covered in correct Onyx Black paint
  • Restored Alabaster interior
  • Fully documented from its factory broadcast sheet to its recent Galen Govier report
  • 49,974 original miles
  • 1 of 9 Max Wedge Polaras known to exist

“Industrial Strength” is back and badder than ever at RK Motors Charlotte!

Since we've pretty much made it our life's goal to become your number one source for all things Mopar, it's no secret most of our staff gets a little weak in the knees when it comes to classic Auburn Hills muscle. You see, the very foundation of many old school Chrysler fan's dreams are made of the days when buyers could walk straight into a dealership and buy a race-ready platform right off the showroom floor. Once those same gearheads realized they could walk straight into our showroom and live those dreams through cars like our "1 of 5 Street Wedge 440":http://www.rkmotorscharlotte.com/sales/inventory/active#!/1964-Dodge-440/132691 our aluminum "Max Wedge Belvedere":http://www.rkmotorscharlotte.com/sales/inventory/active/1964-Plymouth-Belvedere/133081#!/ or something like this highly original, magazine featured Dodge Polara 500, our showroom became somewhat of a Mopar Mecca. And is there any wonder why? As one of only nine 426 Ramcharger Polaras believed to exist, our latest “Industrial Strength” Pentastar is one of the highest quality, best documented and historically significant muscle cars on the planet. If you're a diehard Chrysler fan who's been trying to get a lock on a pure, investment grade Max Wedge Mopar, it's time to make your pilgrimage to RK Motors Charlotte!

Imagine, if you will, that it's 1963 and you just bought a brand new 409 cubic inch Impala SS. You're big, you're bad, and you're the king of the streets, right? But then, one sad day in bowtie land, this sinister Polara trots up next to you at a stop light and, by the time you're under the green light, all you see is Elwood Engel's tail lights growing smaller in the distance. What the heck just happened? Well, 426 cubic inches, 11 to 1 compression, dual quads on a cross ram intake and a set of 3.91 gears all conspired to put train lengths on your storied “4-0-9”. But hey, no worries; at least your Impala is prettier, right?

This particular Polara 500 was delivered to a resident of Broken Bow, Nebraska on December 15, 1962 and proceeded to beat up unsuspecting Impalas and Galaxies for the next year of its life. Unfortunately, by 1964, the car's owner was having trouble making his payments and promptly hocked his prize Dodge to a gentleman who decided to shove it in a barn and store it. In 1994 a few stars aligned and the solid classic was rediscovered by Norm Brady who immediately had it authenticated by well-known Mopar expert Galen Govier. Directly after that the massive 426 cubic inch V8 was rebuilt by late NASCAR champion Alan Kulwicki's father. Additional restoration was then performed along with a full detail as the car changed hands thrice more. And eventually, the sonorous hardtop would receive a 100% authentic interior and end up back in the hands of its fourth owner number for a second, extended stay. All total, this awesome Mopar has changed hands eight times via seven owners. And as it sits, showing just 49,974 original miles and in solid, 100% factory correct condition, it's definitely the kind of classic that inspires very strong emotions!

Before we go any further, here's a look at how Galen Govier broke down this blue chip Dodge's original VIN and fender tag:

VIN: 6432137661

* 64: Dodge Polara 500 V8
* 3: 1963 model year
* 2: Assembled at Chrysler's Hamtramck, Michigan manufacturing facility
* 137661: Production sequence number


* 1204: Scheduled for production on Tuesday December 4, 1962
* 0323: Shipping order number
* 64: Dodge Polara 500 V8
* 2: 2-door hardtop
* TR65: Polara 500 trim with vinyl buckets
* M6: Alabaster interior
* PB: Onyx roof paint
* NB: Onyx body paint
* TM: Ivory Polara 500 body mouldings
* A2: Pushbutton Torqueflite automatic transmission
* G1: AM radio that's complete with a front speaker
* J5: Front heater with defroster
* Q9: 426 cubic inch, 2x4-barrel Max Performance V8 with 415 horsepower
* Y2: Sold car

The black flanks on this mirror-like Polara are exceptional. I've said it a million times and I'll say it again here: if you're going to paint it black, you'd better make it perfect. Take one look at this Dodge's rounded body and you'll see that someone clearly spent a ton of time massaging its sheet-metal into outstanding condition as there's nary a wave or ripple anywhere. The car's panel gaps are excellent, and the reflections in its body's surface are undistorted and virtually a mile deep. Honestly, this is exactly how show-winning bodywork should look. Everything appears to have been professionally executed, and although that work was done quite some time ago, the car's fresh and solid appearance is a testament to the outstanding care it has received.

Not dripping with chrome or flashy ornamentation, this Dodge's trim is understated and fitting. When these cars hit the streets they definitely spoke softly, and that's probably a good thing given their eccentric styling. Naturally, all the accessories you see on this car's body have been professionally restored to better-than-new condition and still look excellent today. There's a couple pounds of stainless that's straight, free of dings and blemishes, and obviously a fan of the polishing wheel. There's properly restored emblems. All lenses are clear. And the glass, which is original stuff, carries an assortment of vintage racing stickers. Too cool!

Hoist this Polara's Onyx Black hood and you'll find a date-correct RB V8 which wears an authentic 2406730-1 casting number below an October (10) 29th (29) date code and a 426 cubic inch (426) Max Wedge (7M-P) engine stamp. Providing big horsepower and absolutely brutal torque numbers, this old school Mopar monster has built a hard-fought reputation for being one of the best competition motors ever created. All the big engine's high octane chutzpah is housed in a glossy Hemi Orange block which hangs an attractive set of 4-bolt, “RAMCHARGER 426” branded valve covers over date-correct heads and correctly restored exhaust manifolds. Air and a steady stream of premium pump gas is supplied by two correct 3447 Carter AFB carburetors that are sandwiched between two satin black air cleaners, two canister fuel filters and the engine's original high performance dual quad intake manifold. Charge comes courtesy of a freshly rebuilt alternator that spins fresh V-belts via Max Wedge exclusive pulleys. Compression is sparked by eight high quality Packard plug wires that are snapped onto a high quality points distributor. And the resultant combustion is cooled by a heavy duty radiator that comes complete with fresh Chrysler hoses and new squeeze clamps. Visually, the car's glossy black engine compartment is clean and understated. Thanks to a professional tuning and ample break in time, the big engine runs just as well today as when it rolled out of its Nebraska showroom almost 50 years ago. And naturally, all the little details like new decals, stainless fluid lines and a reproduction Mopar red cap battery are present and accounted for.

According to the Auburn Hills gang, nothing tracks down the road with the confidence of a torsion bar Mopar. And when you combine that surefootedness with this Polara's dragon slaying powertrain, you're in for the ride of your life! The high powered big block churns torque through an original pushbutton Torqueflite transmission to a correct Sure Grip rear end that spins tough 3.91 gears. At the ends of that stellar drivetrain, an original front torsion bar and rear leaf spring suspension, which has been completely rebuilt from top to bottom, helps increase both drivability and track times. At the sides of that stellar drivetrain, original Max Wedge exhaust pipes whisk spent gases to either manual dumps or factory replacement turbo mufflers. Braking is handled by heavy duty manual drums at all four corners. Turns feel firm and responsive thanks to factory-correct steering. And all this first rate hardware proudly stands on a set of 14 inch body-matched steel wheels which spin pliable 235/75 Coker Classic whitewalls around pristine stainless wheel covers and jumbo fratzog spinners. Aesthetically the car's clean and solid chassis, which was fully rebuilt and detailed during the extensive restoration, is correct from its gold shock absorbers all the way to its stainless fuel tank. All lines and hoses are just as new and just as clean. And given this Dodge's fully sorted hardware and super serious appearance, I doubt anyone is going to want to tangle with it on the street.

Inside the car you'll find a fully restored interior, which was installed just a few years ago, perfectly replicating Chrysler's original Onyx and Alabaster vinyl. Take a look around; can you imagine anyone building a cockpit like this today? Its detailing is absolutely first-rate and its classic styling is something that was beaten out of our industry years ago. Between the seats, a correct console is topped by a brushed aluminum lid. In front of the seats, the car's two-tone steering wheel has been completely restored and bolted up behind a set of completely rebuilt gauges. Speaking of seats, well-maintained foams and covers offer a firm, new-car feel. The carpet and headliner are exact duplicates of the original stuff. And niceties like vintage lap belts, an accessory tach and an accessory oil pressure gauge have been added for both appearance and authenticity. In the trunk you'll find a correct spare tire, a correct trunk mat and a correct jack setup. And all the car's weather stripping and window felts have been replaced to create tight seals and solid sounding doors.

Like many of our investment grade cars, this streetwise Dodge comes with extensive documentation. There's an original Chrysler broadcast sheet and duplicate IBM punch card. The original owner's Nebraska state title is included along with copies of titles and purchase agreements from subsequent owners. There's an original owner's manual, some original sales literature, a Music Master radio operator's manual and an options and accessories brochure. Naturally, the aforementioned Govier Report is included with the sale. There's photo documentation of much of the restoration work, a wiring diagram and specs on the Carter carburetors from when they were rebuilt and calibrated. And last but not least, there's a copy of the March 2004 issue of “Musclecar Enthusiast” in which the car was featured.

If you've been sitting back passively watching and whispering about our showroom of “Industrial Strength” Chryslers, it's high time you grab your luggage and pay us a much overdue visit. There's a very large and enthusiastic audience who appreciates these cars for exactly what they are - a standard-setting piece of American performance that other automakers just couldn't touch. They always generate a lot of attention, and it's definitely nice to see we're not the only ones who really dig them! Say what you want about Ford inventing the pony car or Pontiac inventing the muscle car, but these track-ready Mopars are the very reason other guys had their big guns out in the first place. And when it comes to track-ready Mopars, there aren't many finer examples than this spectacular one of nine Polara 500. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind muscle car that belongs in the finest collection on the planet, your search is over!

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