2019 Jeep Moab Easter Safari Concepts revealed, and it's a pickup paradise

Zac Palmer Apr 08 2019
undefinedJeep Five-Quarter Concept / Jeep Five-Quarter / Image Credit: Jeep
A heavy dose of Gladiator is headed to Utah this year
The Jeep Gladiator pickup is here folks, and let's just say that Jeep (and pretty much everybody else) is pretty darn excited about it. In fact, Jeep is so eager to celebrate the bodystyle returning to its lineup that it went ahead and dedicated its entire 2019 Easter Safari line of concepts to trucks. Not a single Wrangler badge was to be found.

There are six Jeep pickup concepts in total, and after checking out the metal in person, we can safely say that we want all of them. This will be the 53rd Moab Easter Jeep Safari, and the concepts only get better as time passes. We drove the seven vehicles that Jeep brought out to Utah last year, and now we have the details on all of the trucks Jeep is bringing out for the 2019 Safari.

Jeep Five-Quarter

Of all the wild creations Jeep and Mopar built this year, one called the Jeep Five-Quarter is the best of the bunch. This truck started out life as a 1968 M-715, which was a military version of the civilian Gladiator truck. Jeep bought this one off Craigslist (they don't know if it ever saw combat) and went hogwild from there. We'll start with the powertrain, because Jeep dropped in a modified Hellcrate engine. That means this old, off-road Jeep has a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 that makes over 700 horsepower. Jeep is using a vintage 8-71 supercharger to house the transmission and transfer case shifters and mating the engine to a 3-speed automatic transmission.
The truck is using a version of its original frame that has been reinforced and modified. Jeep replaced the leaf springs with a heavy duty coil suspension system. Then it was fitted with Dynatrac Pro-rock 60 front and 80 rear axles. Massive 40-inch tires wrapping 20-inch beadlock wheels look proper on the restomod, too.

All the internals are awesome on this truck, but the appearance might be even more striking. All the sheetmetal up front was removed in favor of fiberglass and carbon fiber. The bodywork gets a brushed metal look that is just spectacular in person. Jeep fabricated a 6-foot aluminum bed with wood slats on the bed floor. Then the roof was chopped to make it 3.5 inches shorter — Jeep added a removable soft-top, too. A barebones interior with a ton of color and exposed aluminum complements the exterior perfectly, and a "Hellcrated" badge is a perfect finishing touch.

The name itself comes from the truck's military nickname. It's a one-and-one-quarter ton truck, or "five quarters." If you can't tell, we love everything about this Jeep.
undefinedJeep J6 Concept / Jeep J6 / Image Credit: Jeep


Jeep J6

Moving onto something slightly more realistic, we have the Jeep J6. This two-door, standard cab truck is the off-road Jeep Gladiator of our dreams. It doesn't exactly make sense from a sales standpoint to do something like this for the Gladiator, but man does it look the business. Jeep actually used a Wrangler Unlimited chassis for the concept you're looking at here, not the longer Gladiator. Still, with one less row of seats, Jeep was able to give it a 6-foot bed, which is considerably more useful than the Gladiator's 5-foot bed.

The J6 is in reference to the original J Series Jeep pickups, and this particular truck is meant to remind us of the 1978 Honcho that came in Brilliant Blue. Jeep used the stock 3.6-liter V6 to power this truck, but added a bunch of other parts to help on the trail. A 2-inch lift kit, 37-inch tires and 17-inch beadlock wheels should help out in Moab — Jeep says it's considering making the new wheels (about 4 pounds lighter than the wheels it comes with now) a factory option. Add-ons like the front stinger bar, steel tubing in the bed and 10 LED lights are all still conceptual. It's wonderful that Jeep has made this 2-door truck, even if it's going to remain forbidden fruit.
undefinedJeep Wayout Concept / Jeep Wayout / Image Credit: Jeep
Jeep Wayout
Overlanding enthusiasts should pay attention to this next one, the Jeep Wayout. Presumably, you're meant to go "Wayout" into the wilderness, which this will certainly do in Utah. Jeep added a rooftop tent that holds two people to this Gladiator's roof. That's right, this one actually is Gladiator-based, and it doesn't stray too far from the Rubicon's mechanicals. Jeep added 37-inch tires, 17-inch painted steel wheels and a two-inch lift kit for this build. Additionally, there's a 12,000-pound rated Warn winch attached up front and a snorkel for water fording purposes.

Apparently, all the camping gear you see here is available for purchase from various outlets for the Gladiator. Two clever auxiliary fuel tanks fit flush with the body, and then an on-board air system should allow you to get even further off the grid. The giant awning and camper will make sure you want to stay there. Jeep is showing off a bed-drawer system that allows you to put certain items in lockable dry storage. Get a load of the interior, too. This is a Jeep we wouldn't mind taking far, far away from civilization.

undefinedJeep Flatbill Concept / Jeep Flatbill / Image Credit: Jeep

Jeep Flatbill

We've all seen the bro-dozer trucks out there. This concept leans into that style, but comes out looking semi-respectable and funny on the other side. The "Flatbill" name is derived from the popular style of hat Jeep posits these folks like to wear. No, that's not a joke. Jeep actually said that.

This truck is meant to act as a Motocross support vehicle, and Jeep appears to be toting around a couple bikes in it all times. There are some little touches here and there that really drive the point home. For example, the seats say "brah" on them. And the door jam has a sticker saying "Don't bro me if you don't know me." So yeah, you get the point. The 40-inch tires, 20-inch off-road wheels, upgraded shocks and Dynatrac Pro-Rock 60 axles should back the loud appearance up with real performance on the rocks.
undefinedJeep JT Scrambler Concept / Jeep JT Scrambler / Image Credit: Jeep


Jeep JT Scrambler

This concept is all about sweet, retro looks, and we wouldn't mind seeing it as a special-edition Gladiator down the road. Kudos to Jeep for using the long-rumored Scrambler name — we thought the Gladiator was going to be called the Scrambler for a long time leading up to its reveal, but Jeep passed on that nomenclature until now.

It uses body stripes in Punk'N Metallic Orange and Nacho. We applaud the color names. Jeep said the appearance is a concept now, but didn't rule out something like this for production one day. It has a brown roof just like the 1982 Scrambler it uses for inspiration. Similar to other Easter Jeep concepts, this one has a 2-inch lift, 37-inch tires and 17-inch wheels that are painted bronze.
undefinedJeep Gladiator Gravity Concept / Jeep Gladiator Gravity / Image Credit: Jeep
Jeep Gladiator Gravity
The Gravity is the most down-to-earth truck of all these, because it's essentially here to show off the Mopar parts catalog. Mopar has included $8,000 worth of aftermarket parts on this orange Jeep. Performance improvements include 35-inch tires, 17-inch off-road wheels, a cat-back exhaust, cold-air intake and heavy-gauge steel rock rails. A bunch of LED lights are added to light up whatever trail you're on. Then Mopar cross rails and a cargo carrier help as storage solutions for whatever adventuring equipment you may want to bring along.
SOURCE: autoblog
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