1972 Chevrolet Nova Build

The RKM Performance Center completes a wide variety of projects. Sometimes we build one-of-a-kind, ground-up pro-tourers. Sometimes we build an engine. Sometimes we spray a little paint. And sometimes, as in the case of this 1972 Chevrolet Nova, we only build half the car. Generally, projects like back-halfing are brought to us by enthusiasts who are pretty good with a wrench, but simply don’t have the skill or will to tackle major fabrication. That’s exactly what happened with this cool Chevy. Restored by a father and son team, the car had been worked into a solid driver that could be enjoyed on the street or at the eighth. But, when the time came to install a new rear-clip, it was a little more than the duo cared to endeavor.

You already know the story. A gearhead dad buys his 16-year-old son a first muscle car. But not just any muscle car, a classic that they can work on together. The project commences, and the Nova’s restoration goes well until it’s time to swap out some of the car’s primary structure. When this Chevy and it’s Detroit Speed-supplied back-half arrived at our shop, our goal was simple: install the new QUADRA Link and sort the car out. But, as anyone who’s ever owned an old car knows all too well, the goal was a lot simpler than the solution.








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