A few months ago, we had a real run on some spectacular 1960s luxury cars, and we discovered that they're virtually impossible to keep in stock these days. We started searching for clean, undamaged, low-mileage examples only to discover that they're exceptionally difficult to find. Sure, there are a lot of Coupe DeVilles out there, but not many with original paint and interior, and fewer still that aren't ticking rust bombs waiting to break an unwitting buyer's bank. But our searches paid off this time, and this 1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille is one of the nicest we've ever presented. With just 37,998 original miles, it was never used in the snow or ice, and wears what appears to be 100% original paint. The gorgeous ‘60s cool interior is perfectly preserved, and the big 472 cubic inch V8 under the hood purrs like few 375 horsepower engines can. If you missed the last few we featured, don't miss this one because it won't last any longer than the others.

With shows like “Mad Men” being as popular as they are, the 1960s in general are seeing a nice bounce in appreciation, and with the cars being as good as this Coupe DeVille, it's about time. General Motors was at the top of their game in the late-60s, and from both a design and engineering standpoint, no other automaker could compete with the luxury muscle coming out of Detroit. The color on this one is called Cameo Beige, but it's a dull name for such an ideal color. It carries a lovely patina and soft shine that simply can't be duplicated today, yet looks completely appropriate on this luxury cruiser. Not tan, but not quite gold, it has a good amount of metallic in the finish that makes it glow in the sun without that hard shine that modern urethane paints offer. If you're a fan of original cars, you know exactly what I'm talking about. And it certainly appears to be all original on OEM sheetmetal, with no signs of botched repairs or accident damage in the past. I can't say for certain, but those massive rear quarters with their razor-sharp edges have to be some of the biggest single stampings ever installed on an automobile.

The 1950s were over, and the auto industry backed off their love affair with excessive chrome, but that doesn't mean this Cadillac isn't wearing some impressive jewelry. Both front and rear bumpers are massive pieces with separate pontoons that followed the shape of the fenders, and it's all in such good shape that I can't imagine it is factory original. There's not a trace of rust, not a single parking lot ding, nothing that gives away the cars age, but the crisp details and lack of grinding marks certainly suggest that it is either an insanely expensive re-plate or original equipment. The emblems are the same ways nice that you'll be second-guessing yourself when you see them and struggling to recall whether they were ever that nice back in the day. With this car as proof, I can assure you that they were definitely that nice. Glass is unmarked, including the massive V-shaped rear window that is probably impossible to replace today, and all the lenses are crystal clear, including the unique triangular tail lights. Even the original pebble grain vinyl top is in exceptionally good condition, and again it blurs the line between restored and preserved; can you tell? I can't.

Cadillac didn't skimp on horsepower in the 1960s, either. The 472 cubic inch monster was the largest V8 produced by GM to date, and generated a highly respectable 375 horsepower. While there were engines in the stable that may have generated more power, this one was designed to idle almost silently and to pull the heavy car along with the thrust of an electric motor and just a whisper from the tailpipe. Go ahead and put a mild cam in your LS6, a single quiet exhaust pipe, and see what you get this is a very impressive machine. It appears that this engine and engine bay have been nicely cleaned and detailed, and that's likely fresh paint on the engine itself. But all the original details remain, from the air cleaner with PCV breather feed from the valve covers to the A6 A/C compressor to the original power steering pump. But look a little closer at things that aren't easy to replace, like the fender braces, hardware, and radiator cradle, which are all in excellent condition with no rust or damage. It's cooled by one of the biggest radiators this side of a Kenworth, and idles so smoothly that you may not even notice that its running. There's also a new hood pad, which a lot of folks just remove and toss, but it's critical to the preservation of the original paint on this car and a very smart idea.

The chassis is solid and well-maintained, but not necessarily detailed for show. The TH400 3-speed automatic shifts gears almost imperceptibly, and drives a very highway friendly set of rear gears Cadillac knew their customers well and there are few finer highway cruisers than this. And until you've driven a true body-on-frame rear-wheel-drive luxury car, you can't imagine the floating almost serene sensation of gliding along on a cushion of air. Steering is one finger effortless, although the brakes are powerful and reliable with front discs being standard equipment. The long wheelbase glides over imperfections without jostling the passengers, and there's barely a burble from the recently installed exhaust system. And I'm more than a little impressed that someone invested in correct 15-inch twin stripe whitewall tires for this cruiser which look and ride just like the originals. You'll also note that those are the original full wheel covers with bright emblems in excellent condition.

If you're a fan of the era, you'll be absolutely thrilled with the Cordovan Brown Dardanelle upholstery, which could only be a product of the ‘60s. You also know its all original, because this stuff isn't being reproduced, and the condition is remarkable. The power bench seat is comfortable and firm, with no signs of age or damage, not even a frayed edge on the driver's seat. Someone was extremely careful with this car, there's no question about that. Overhead, the headliner is taut, and the door panels don't even show indentations from the drivers elbow resting on the armrest. In 1969, not quite everything was standard on a Cadillac, but things like power windows and locks were definitely part of the package and they all work as they should. There's a beautifully preserved steering wheel with no delamination or cracking along the wood veneer insert and the dash shows no signs of UV damage or age this car has obviously been stored indoors its entire life. In the trunk, you'll find an original mat and what may very well be the original spare tire.

Documentation is impressive for a car like this as well. It includes the original owner's manual, complete with envelope, and the warranty booklet with the original owners name and address still printed on the cover. We also have receipts for what appears to be ALL the work done on this car, which doesn't add up to much more than routine maintenance: shocks, mufflers, and tires. It's that well preserved and has needed nothing else over the past 42 years.

If you're interested in these cars, you've probably discovered the same reality that we have: nice ones are virtually impossible to find. They're either rusty heaps or half-baked restorations with a lot of questionable workmanship because the values just aren't there to justify the quality work. That's why low-mileage originals are so special, because they give you an extremely high-quality car with no question marks attached. This 1969 Coupe DeVille drives the way only a low-mileage original can drive, and there's an intangible smoothness in the machinery that even the best restorations struggle to duplicate. Either you understand why this car is special or you don't, but if you're one of those guys for whom these cars hold a unique appeal, you know exactly what I'm talking about. This one won't last any longer than the others, so I urge you to call today.

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1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

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